David Gilmour’s Opinion of ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’

Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon easily ranks among the most iconic albums ever recorded. An instant success upon its release in 1973, the masterpiece has effortlessly maintained its popularity over the last six decades. But what does David Gilmour, one of the key figures behind The Dark Side of the Moon, think of the album that would go on to sell over 45 million copies?

“My feelings about the record itself haven’t really changed,” David Gilmour reflected to Guitar Heroes in 1983. “I’ve always thought it was a good overall package. The lyrics came to the fore on that record, and made a big difference. Areas of it, musically, are a bit weak. But it was the strongest whole thing we’d ever done.”

The Dark Side of the Moon would become a significant milestone in Pink Floyd’s musical timeline. According to Gilmour the album, with iconic songs such as “Time”, “Money”, “Breathe”, and “Us and Them”, was the first album where Pink Floyd ‘really got it right’.

Alan Parsons, the engineer of The Dark Side of the Moon, admitted Gilmour played a pivotal role in crafting the album’s sound. “David was very much a force behind the production of The Dark Side of the Moon,” Parsons shared with Circus Magazine. David Gilmour’s creative input was instrumental in shaping the album’s distinctive sound.

“We knew it was going to do better than anything that we’d previously done,” David Gilmour told MTV in 1992. “It was obvious, particularly when we saw it all put together at the end with the cover, and the whole thing.”

Since The Dark Side of the Moon was released in the midst of the Album Era, making the record a whole package was vital. The album’s groundbreaking cover art, designed by Storm Thorgerson and George Hardie, undoubtedly contributed to the iconic status of the album. The prism cover art was unique for its time, since the front cover didn’t include the band’s name and the album’s title.

Over the years, The Dark Side of the Moon has proven to be one of the most enduring records of all time. But even David Gilmour is amazed with the album’s never-ending popularity. “It does really surprise me,” Gilmour told Brad Tolinski. “But I think that we do have sort of a timeless quality. I listened to Dark Side Of The Moon last year around the time of the release of our Shine On boxed set, and I remember feeling that it was pretty timeless.”

Therefore, it isn’t a surprise that The Dark Side of the Moon ranks among David Gilmour’s personal favorites with Pink Floyd. When asked about the best Pink Floyd album during an interview, Gilmour mentioned The Dark Side of the Moon and Wish You Were Here without any hesitation. He also admitted he wouldn’t change anything about the record.

The Dark Side of the Moon would eventually sell over 45 million copies worldwide, making it the most successful album released during the 1970s. The album marked the beginning of one of the most impressive album series ever, with Wish You Were Here, Animals, and The Wall following The Dark Side of the Moon.

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