David Gilmour’s Harsh Criticism of Pink Floyd’s Album “The Final Cut”

Pink Floyd is one of the most loved bands in music history. But the love – if it was ever present – between band members David Gilmour and Roger Waters has been gone since the late 70s and isn’t likely to ever resurface. The friction between the two culminated in 1983, during the making of Pink Floyd’s twelfth studio album “The Final Cut”. Over the years, David Gilmour has delved into the complex relationship between him and Waters and has shared his dislike for “The Final Cut”.

“Roger had one idea on how he thought the album should be, and I simply thought he was wrong,” David Gilmour said. “And it got to the point of arguments being so severe because our outlook was so opposed at that time. He didn’t want me to continue producing because my opinion was so different that it was just being counterproductive.”

In a pivotal decision, Gilmour chose to step back from the production of “The Final Cut” and handed the full creative control to Waters. Gilmour remembered the moment, stating, “So, I stopped working on the production of the album and left it entirely to him. I said, you go ahead and do it, finish it. So, he had the opportunity to make the album exactly the way he wanted to make it. I went and played guitar when I was required.”

The result was – in David Gilmour’s view – an album sub-standard to Pink Floyd’s quality, especially musically. “I still think the way I wanted to do it would’ve been a much better way of doing it,” he said of the album. “I think a lot of the music just isn’t up to the standard of myself. I think there are 3 good songs on it and I think the rest is rather weak.”

Roger Waters, in his turn, critiqued Gilmour for not contributing material to “The Final Cut” himself. This was partially true, as Gilmour had stepped away from the production of the album.

“The Final Cut” was eventually released in March 1983. According to Pink Floyd’s standards, the album was a commercial failure. “The Final Cut” was the lowest-selling Pink Floyd album since “Meddle” and never came close to the success of albums like “The Wall” and “The Dark Side of the Moon”.

But more importantly, “The Final Cut” was the final album with Roger Waters as a Pink Floyd member. In 1985, after the release of his first studio album “The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking”, Waters announced his departure from the band. A lawsuit over the use of the name Pink Floyd followed, only furthering the friction between David Gilmour and Roger Waters. The two never properly reconciled, making “The Final Cut” the final album featuring the two iconic musicians.

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